Carl Hardwick Photo Set II – Flashback Diary, There’s No Doubt Why I Love This Guy


Carl Hardwick Photos Set II

Who was your first gay porn crush? Mine was, without a doubt, COLT model Carl Hardwick. I have vivid memories of browsing gay porn thumbnail galleries for this fuzzy muscle bear god, then waiting patiently for his images to load on my shitty dial-up connection. He was my gateway drug to Pete Kuzak and Steve Kelso, and together, those three helped me come to terms with my sexuality behind closed doors. Beautiful macho Carl Hardwick is PURE TESTOSTERONE! There was a playfulness to the way he smiled, combined with a dash of cocky swagger that made me weak in the knees. (Quite literally, I would jerk off down on my knees while closing my eyes and pretending to suck his cock).


Part-2-Fucken-Hot-Sexy-Carl-Hardwick-003 Part-2-Fucken-Hot-Sexy-Carl-Hardwick-004 Part-2-Fucken-Hot-Sexy-Carl-Hardwick-005

Part-2-Fucken-Hot-Sexy-Carl-Hardwick-006 Part-2-Fucken-Hot-Sexy-Carl-Hardwick-007

In the early part of the 2000’s Carl was still very popular at Colt and was sporting a very daddy-rific full beard. Most importantly however, he was also jerking off (note the hot spray of pre-cum in this clip). I had prayed for masturbation clips to appear, and they did. Four in all: “Workout in the Sun” “Self Service” “Rawhide Load” and “A Day in the Life of Carl Hardwick”. All except “Workout in the Sun” are available on “The Best of Carl Hardwick” available though Colt’s website. Why Colt omitted “Workout”, I’ll never know. No hard core ever followed, and none ever will. He has put aside “Carl Hardwick” and become “Rusty Jeffers” once more. Luckily Rusty is still very much in the public eye as a bodybuilder.



Part-2-Fucken-Hot-Sexy-Carl-Hardwick-010 Part-2-Fucken-Hot-Sexy-Carl-Hardwick-011 Part-2-Fucken-Hot-Sexy-Carl-Hardwick-012

It’s funny because, back then, I always wished those jpeg files would come alive and drill me like a good little boy slut… But looking at these pics now? I can’t imagine a day when I would have ever wanted to do anything but stuff those round cheeks. My all time favorite Colt model. This is Legend Gay Porn Beast! look at these pics, he´s so furry! says Who do you prefer Pete Kuzak or carl hardwick? It’s a tough choice but I would have to say Carl Hadrwick.


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Morphed Cocks Morphed Muscle – Horny Digital Art of Bigger Men’s Bulge and Body


The Bigger The Better

I Know It’s Unreal, But It’s Hot, Since 1999 Morphed Muscle has been famous for bringing you the hottest muscle morphs, hairy muscle bear art, 3d muscle renderings, muscle sketches, paintings and photography from Original Artists around the world. Now Morphed Muscle of this post, I love to share my most extensive collection of Hottest art and photography you‘ve ever seen. No more endless hours of searching the internet only to be disappointed. …Let your imagination run wild!! and enjoy what we’re seeing.


Morphed-Cocks-And-Morphed-Muscle-Bigger-Better-003 Morphed-Cocks-And-Morphed-Muscle-Bigger-Better-004 Morphed-Cocks-And-Morphed-Muscle-Bigger-Better-005

Morphed-Cocks-And-Morphed-Muscle-Bigger-Better-006 Morphed-Cocks-And-Morphed-Muscle-Bigger-Better-007 Morphed-Cocks-And-Morphed-Muscle-Bigger-Better-008

Hope you enjoying the very best male muscle artistry in the world. With all these Incredible Artists, I like morph muscled photo in the way that when it look bigger, but more realistic. But I don’t like when the artist morph the photo into unnatural biggest muscular guys and Very Very Enormous Cock!! (It’s like The Hulk with totally naked). In that case it’s doesn’t turn me on.


Morphed-Cocks-And-Morphed-Muscle-Bigger-Better-010 Morphed-Cocks-And-Morphed-Muscle-Bigger-Better-011 Morphed-Cocks-And-Morphed-Muscle-Bigger-Better-012


Morphed-Cocks-And-Morphed-Muscle-Bigger-Better-014 Morphed-Cocks-And-Morphed-Muscle-Bigger-Better-015 Morphed-Cocks-And-Morphed-Muscle-Bigger-Better-016

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Bulging Bodybuilders Beautiful – Too Big & Bulky! Sexy Beefy Cakes Hunks


Too Big & Bulky

If you are looking for explicit exposed hot male bodubuilders, this photos gallery today will satify you. Much like the guys on printed work out magazines, but they are naked, bare all that you can explore every inch of their hot muscle bodies. These nude and erotic muscle god “artistic nudes and physique studies” exposing their nude, aroused bodies make me turn on and just want to masturbating to orgasm. The hunks, shown here look like they gonna power-tops who teach the hungry bottom how to take it up the ass and down the throat.


Hung-Hunks-and-Hot-Male-Bodybuilders-Horny-003 Hung-Hunks-and-Hot-Male-Bodybuilders-Horny-004

Hung-Hunks-and-Hot-Male-Bodybuilders-Horny-005 Hung-Hunks-and-Hot-Male-Bodybuilders-Horny-006 Hung-Hunks-and-Hot-Male-Bodybuilders-Horny-007

Bodybuilders…in their tiny posing suit…. men on mission, and they make me set the sight on them, studs, Sexy Big Hunk Guys. I having a quick pint in the eagle, and take my chance and is sure of the outcome. They make me want to spreading their honed arse cheeks apart and getting my tongue deep inside, let them fuck me solidly, even giving their proud Power Top role on me.


Hung-Hunks-and-Hot-Male-Bodybuilders-Horny-009 Hung-Hunks-and-Hot-Male-Bodybuilders-Horny-010

Hung-Hunks-and-Hot-Male-Bodybuilders-Horny-011 Hung-Hunks-and-Hot-Male-Bodybuilders-Horny-012 Hung-Hunks-and-Hot-Male-Bodybuilders-Horny-013


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Tattooed Hairy Sexy Beard Stud, Tom Nero – Jerking The Big Thick Mushroom Head Cock from Butch Dixon


Butch Dixon, Sexy Beard Tom Nero

Butch Dixon always has some of the hottest most masculine naked men featured on their site, and this new video released today is no exception. Tom Nero is a sexy American man who is nice and hairy and has a big cock to go along with his masculine looks. He has a sexy beard and a big hard cock with nice low hanging balls. Tom starts is solo video by slowly stripping out of his clothes where he shows off all of his masculinity from his hairy cock to his toned abs. As he undresses down to his black jock strap, he starts rubbing his crotch until he nearly has a full blown boner.

Hairy-Tom-Nero-Stud-Mushroom-Head-Cock-Big-001 Hairy-Tom-Nero-Stud-Mushroom-Head-Cock-Big-002 Hairy-Tom-Nero-Stud-Mushroom-Head-Cock-Big-003

Hairy-Tom-Nero-Stud-Mushroom-Head-Cock-Big-004 Hairy-Tom-Nero-Stud-Mushroom-Head-Cock-Big-006 Hairy-Tom-Nero-Stud-Mushroom-Head-Cock-Big-007


His big cock pops out of his jock strap and you will notice a big mushroom head on the end of his thick cock. He starts stroking his cock and gets all sweaty. As he jerks his cock it grows even thicker. He strokes his fat cock faster and faster until it is literally throbbing and aching to cum. A few more strokes later and hairy daddy Tom Nero is busting a huge load of cum all over his hairy stomach. What a fucking stud.


Hairy-Tom-Nero-Stud-Mushroom-Head-Cock-Big-010 Hairy-Tom-Nero-Stud-Mushroom-Head-Cock-Big-011 Hairy-Tom-Nero-Stud-Mushroom-Head-Cock-Big-012

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Leather Man Who Hung Like a Horse, Kristian Alvarez – Devilish Handsome Guy from ColtStudio


Kristian Alvarez

This guy is rarely seen on gay porn scene, but I have ever watch him rammed and fucked Scott who tied up in chains and Kristian Alvarez was in leather suit (same like this photos set). The scene was very hot hand Kristian Alvarez make me horny, lust and want to be bang instead of Scott. The scene is from Colt Stuido Group, but I’m not sure what the gay movie’s name the scene is in. Kristian, his cock is interesting, it’s cut but it has foreskin that I want to lick and give him very very very best Blowjob with the skill of all my life !!! The second photo gallery of this guy i have, he’s not in leather suit, totally naked from Buckshot by Colt Studio …I will post it very soon.

Hung-Like-Horse-Kristian-Alvarez-Set-1-001 Hung-Like-Horse-Kristian-Alvarez-Set-1-002 Hung-Like-Horse-Kristian-Alvarez-Set-1-003

Hung-Like-Horse-Kristian-Alvarez-Set-1-004 Hung-Like-Horse-Kristian-Alvarez-Set-1-005 Hung-Like-Horse-Kristian-Alvarez-Set-1-006


Kristian Alvarez Stats :
Ethnicity: Caucasian – American
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Body Hair: Smooth
Cock Type: Cut (with Foreskin)
Role: Top
Build: Muscular


Hung-Like-Horse-Kristian-Alvarez-Set-1-010 Hung-Like-Horse-Kristian-Alvarez-Set-1-011 Hung-Like-Horse-Kristian-Alvarez-Set-1-012

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