Legend Men Present Tatum Parks – Grizzyy Bear Hairy Hunk Bodybuilder with 7 Inches Hard Cock


LegendMen – Tatum Parks

YAAAS. Loved him since he was video shot for Chaosmen, now he’s on LegendMen.Com …Bigger, Hotter, and Hunkier and he’s got even more hair to grab on to !!! … GRRR! Tickle me Grizzyy Bear. Tatum Parks got me squealing!, such a nice pelt of fur…all over. Tatum is Bodybuilder, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Pornstar and you can follow his twitter at @TheTatumXXX. If you are into really hairy men, then Tatum is your guy. Plus he has a lot more going for him than body hair. He’s a competitive bodybuilder that finds it better to put his hard work to uses other than just being on stage looking to win a shiny trophy.


Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-003 Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-004 Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-005

Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-006 Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-007 Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-008

Tatum Parks Stats :
Height : 5′ 8″, 172.7 cm
Weight : 191 lbs., 86.8 kg
Eyes : Hazel
Hair : Shaved head
Cock Length : 7 inches, 17.8 cm
Cock Girth : 5 inches, 12.7 cm
Cut : Yes
Smooth : Hell no!
Hairy : Fuck yes!


Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-010 Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-011 Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-012


Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-014 Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-015 Grizzyy-Bear-Legend-Men-Hard-Cock-Tatum-Parks-016

Tatum is very easy going, but give him a big butt plug or huge dildo, then his whole demeanor changes. He loves a challenge and you’ll see as we progress he continues to break his personal record every time. I’m also looking forward to some man-on-man action with Tatum here on LegendMen.com.

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Pulling Cock Out of Pants – Wanting You to Stroke These Hot Hard Rods


In outdoor and indoor jerk off scene of many gay porn movies, muscular stud that looks like he’s waiting for one of his fellow to pass by. When he doesn’t see anyone he decides to take matters into his own hands. He starts rubbing his hard chest with one hand while he’s got the other down his pants. He pulls out his Cock and uses his spit to lube it up so he can really work it. He strokes his Dick with both hands, rubbing the exposed head with one, and Jacking the shaft with the other, until he shoots his warm Cum onto the ground.

Hunks-Pulls-Cock-Out-Of-Pants-Big-And-Hard-002 Hunks-Pulls-Cock-Out-Of-Pants-Big-And-Hard-003 Hunks-Pulls-Cock-Out-Of-Pants-Big-And-Hard-004

Hunks-Pulls-Cock-Out-Of-Pants-Big-And-Hard-005 Hunks-Pulls-Cock-Out-Of-Pants-Big-And-Hard-006


Yes we’ve seen many movie that have the scene like that, and we love it! So today I would like to share my photos set “Hung Muscular Hunks Pulling Cocks out of Pants” for you to enjoy it. Our feature for today is a hot hung jock exhibiting their hot cock out of their pants. Before jerking off, they share some of their sexual escapades. This will give you an idea that they loves sex, even with strangers! Hot guys!

Hunks-Pulls-Cock-Out-Of-Pants-Big-And-Hard-008 Hunks-Pulls-Cock-Out-Of-Pants-Big-And-Hard-009


Hunks-Pulls-Cock-Out-Of-Pants-Big-And-Hard-011 Hunks-Pulls-Cock-Out-Of-Pants-Big-And-Hard-012 Hunks-Pulls-Cock-Out-Of-Pants-Big-And-Hard-013

Hunks-Pulls-Cock-Out-Of-Pants-Big-And-Hard-014 Hunks-Pulls-Cock-Out-Of-Pants-Big-And-Hard-015

Hunks-Pulls-Cock-Out-Of-Pants-Big-And-Hard-016 Hunks-Pulls-Cock-Out-Of-Pants-Big-And-Hard-017

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David Anthony Part II – Photos Set From Playgirl TV


David Anthony

You’re never too old to get into porn as long as you’re in shape and beautiful. Titan Men exclusive and Playgirl and Men model, David Anthony, Titan announced they have signed 41 year old David Anthony as exclusive who will make his TitanMen debut in upcoming film Eye Contact. Brian Mills first spotted David Anthony on the cover of Men Magazine June 2007 and he has since posed for Playgirl April 2008. When they connected, David expressed he was only interested in working with Titan for their hot men and the kind of aggressive play they engage in which compliments his piggy and exhibitionist taste in the sack.


David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-002 David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-003

David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-004 David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-005

“At 41, David is the archetypal TitanMen “Daddy”, mature, sexually confident and swinging a big stick! Reminiscent of early gay porn pioneer Al Parker, Anthony sports a lean, ripped physique, a six pack and a fat 8.5” cock. David’s TitanMen debut film will be Eye Contact, to be released in mid October. Next, he will be seen in another Brian Mills-directed TitanMen film, Toolbox. The fetish top will star in the third film in our hardcore ROUGH fetish line entitled Bound and Beaten, to be released at Folsom Street Fair in September.”


David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-007 David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-008 David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-009

David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-011 David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-012


David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-014 David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-015

David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-016 David-Anthony-Playgirl-TV-Model-Titan-Exclusive-2-017

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Handsome Studs with Rock Hard Cock, Ready for Hard Fucking


These guys, handsome men with a hot hard bodies and rock hard cocks. Muscular Dudes with handsome face gets out of their jeans and underwears, to bring out big beautiful hard cocks that ready for masturbates or hard fucking. They look sexy and handsome and have yummy cocks to play with. That make me fantasize about having sex with them, amazing muscles and handsome faces with the view of awesome fucking.

Handsome-Studs-Rock-Hard-Cock-Hard-Fucking-002 Handsome-Studs-Rock-Hard-Cock-Hard-Fucking-003 Handsome-Studs-Rock-Hard-Cock-Hard-Fucking-004

Handsome-Studs-Rock-Hard-Cock-Hard-Fucking-005 Handsome-Studs-Rock-Hard-Cock-Hard-Fucking-006


With their ripped physique and big dicks the handsome guys like them, are total hunk! They can eat crackers in my bed anytime they want! Hard cocks that ready to fuck and cum! mmmmmmmmmm Ohhh yes guys do you want these guys, fine cocks that you would love to suck dry and love to have hard fucking with them? Guys are you ready to get banged?

Handsome-Studs-Rock-Hard-Cock-Hard-Fucking-008 Handsome-Studs-Rock-Hard-Cock-Hard-Fucking-009

Handsome-Studs-Rock-Hard-Cock-Hard-Fucking-010 Handsome-Studs-Rock-Hard-Cock-Hard-Fucking-011 Handsome-Studs-Rock-Hard-Cock-Hard-Fucking-012


Handsome-Studs-Rock-Hard-Cock-Hard-Fucking-014 Handsome-Studs-Rock-Hard-Cock-Hard-Fucking-015

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Aaron Austin Flexing Muscles and Shows It All Off – Manifest Men


Aaron Austin

The older I get I am always reminded how much harder I have to work in the gym. Manifest Men also keeps me on track and honest when they roll out hot muscle bound sexiness, men my age or older who are in tip top shape. Young guys have it easy and they certainly don’t realize how much so. Faster metabolisms, bounce back abilities and collagen rich skin. I just wanna slap some of them just because… then fuck them hard! You may remember the boyishly innocent eyes and the thick & perfectly muscled gymnast physique and mushroom-headed cock of ’90s adult star Aaron Austin.

Now picture him a little older. His eyes say sexual confidence and his ripped up body shows how years of dedication are transformative. Aaron Austin is the epitome of muscular superiority.

Aaron-Austin-Flexing-Muscles-Shows-All-Manifest-Men-002 Aaron-Austin-Flexing-Muscles-Shows-All-Manifest-Men-003 Aaron-Austin-Flexing-Muscles-Shows-All-Manifest-Men-004

Aaron-Austin-Flexing-Muscles-Shows-All-Manifest-Men-005 Aaron-Austin-Flexing-Muscles-Shows-All-Manifest-Men-007 Aaron-Austin-Flexing-Muscles-Shows-All-Manifest-Men-012


Is it just me or is this blast form the past, Aaron Austin still as hot as ever? If you don’t remember him that is because you’re a baby. Austin is LEGENDARY. He was making hot porn back in the early to mid 1990s when most of you were either in diapers or not even embryos yet. If memory serves, Aaron worked for Falcon. One of the best they ever had! Manifest this man in your fantasies here.

Aaron-Austin-Flexing-Muscles-Shows-All-Manifest-Men-009 Aaron-Austin-Flexing-Muscles-Shows-All-Manifest-Men-010 Aaron-Austin-Flexing-Muscles-Shows-All-Manifest-Men-011



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