Wild Attraction Chapter 10

I’m happy to see David Dirdam in action after almost 2 years hiatus. I assume he’s Spanish as Paco, one of the blog readers, pointed out that his last name “Dirdam” is “Madrid” backwards. David Dirdam is a versatile performer (I prefer him as a bottom). I first noticed him from 2 TITAN MEN movies. This guy always stays rock hard while getting fucked.

KristenBjorn-Wild-Attraction-Chapter-10-Adrian-Toledo-Davi-001 KristenBjorn-Wild-Attraction-Chapter-10-Adrian-Toledo-Davi-003

KristenBjorn-Wild-Attraction-Chapter-10-Adrian-Toledo-Davi-004 KristenBjorn-Wild-Attraction-Chapter-10-Adrian-Toledo-Davi-005 KristenBjorn-Wild-Attraction-Chapter-10-Adrian-Toledo-Davi-006

KristenBjorn-Wild-Attraction-Chapter-10-Adrian-Toledo-Davi-007 KristenBjorn-Wild-Attraction-Chapter-10-Adrian-Toledo-Davi-009

And don’t forget to check out another hot video Casting Couch #253: Tomas Friedel Fucks hottie Alex Brinsky. Yes! Glad David is back! always loved every scene he was in, and was a little upset he left after just a handful of movies. Hope to see more of him! This satisfies the lack of latino men in my life right now. god i hope i meet a guy as sexy as david one day.


KristenBjorn-Wild-Attraction-Chapter-10-Adrian-Toledo-Davi-010 KristenBjorn-Wild-Attraction-Chapter-10-Adrian-Toledo-Davi-012

KristenBjorn-Wild-Attraction-Chapter-10-Adrian-Toledo-Davi-013 KristenBjorn-Wild-Attraction-Chapter-10-Adrian-Toledo-Davi-014 KristenBjorn-Wild-Attraction-Chapter-10-Adrian-Toledo-Davi-015


He even got double penetrated in Kristen Bjorn‘s PRIDE and Pleasure Hunt 1. Adrian Toledo returns to Kristen Bjorn in WILD ATTRACTION Chapter 10, this time as a top. David Dirdam fucks bottom boy Adrian Toledo in this video.