Bjorn takes never-before-seen footage from his most recent trips around the world: Miami, Brazil, Hungary, Puerto Rico and Russia. Five countries and 15 of the world’s hottest men add up to one very good time. Bjorn’s attempt to make the hot Latino (one scene involves Slavs) men he’s so fond of seem more common is like a flawed diamond – beautiful, but not perfect. Sometimes, the sex just seems to be high-quality porn.



The three-way with established porn star Adriano Marquez (pretending to be a straight man) is a little campy rather than erotic, but the sex among these three hot men is really very good. The Miami-based three-way is roughly the same, although the JO-to-orgasm cumshots are more frequent. The third session (which is a daddy-son dream scene) is SIZZLING – and when that boy cums inside his lover, pulls off his cum-filled condom and then drizzles liquid snow over his partner … WOW!

The first little drama, set in Puerto Rico, finds a trio of muscular jocks (Carlos Morales, Tony Tarango and Adriano Marquez) playing ball on a sandy beach, as Marquez’s girlfriend (Conchita Rivera) watches. Afterwards, Marquez remembers he has given his gold chains to his buddies for safekeeping, and he heads for their apartment to reclaim them. Once there, he is bribed with cash to indulge in a bit of horndogging, as Ms. Rivera waits outside, impatiently chewing her bubble gum. All three men reveal impressive erections, and little by little, Morales and Tarango guide Marquez through an impressive array of pay-for-play sex acts, culminating in Tarango topping him just as the bimbo girlfriend walks in on them. The scene explodes, both erotically and dramatically, without ever losing its sense of humor.



Filmed in Puerto Rico, Miami, Brazil, Hungary and Russia, each of the 5 scenes in this video features a sexual adventure in a different county, with a total of 15 of the world’s hunkiest men. Adriano seemed so proper and gentlemanly it was a suprise to see what a sexual wildcat he really was once we started filming. Adriano has one of the most naturally beautiful torsos in the world; he confided to me that he never does any sit-ups.

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