Eduardo Correa

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Eduardo Correa has been part of the ARTULI MEDIA family since 2003. We have sponsored him for several international contests, nearly all of which ended in his taking home a trophy. Eduardo won the 2007 IFBB World Championships (Light Heavyweight) in Korea, and took his class at the Arnold Classic Amateur Championship 2008, winning his IFBB Pro Cardl. He won the Pittsburgh Pro 202 in 2009, and the IFBB “Europa” 202 in Orlando in 2010. On top of that, Eduardo participated twice at the Mr. Olympia 202 in 2009 and 2010, taking 3rd Place in both championships. The day after Eduardo’s Mr. OIlympia showing, we photographed him at Gold’s Gym in Las Vegas; the following week, we invited Eduardo to appear as Guest Poser at the IFBB Colombian Competition in Cali.





In Spring 2008 Tarek Elsetouhi and Eduardo Correa each took the Overall Championships for their events at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. The day after, we flew Eduardo and Tarek to Miami for an extraordinary three-day shoot. Watch as these two champions meet and flex for the first time – and with both men in the best condition of their lives (to date)! With 47 images now added to the Membership Section!

Eduardo has been on a winning streak in 2009, qualifying for the 2009 Mr. Olympia in Las Vegas at the IFBB Pro Pittsburgh show in April. Since then, Eduardo competed in the NYC IFBB Championships, which allowed to shoot him again in our NY studios. We also include gym workout and posing footage with IFBB Pros Tarek Elsetouihi and Denis Sergovskiy, courtesy of Steel Gym of NYC.