Samson Stone

Anyone who knows Menatplay will know that we like our men to be REAL men and Samson Stone is a prime example of this. From his, manly, muscular physique, his hairy chest and thick hairy forearms, and most strikingly his incredibly sexy grey hair. Yes Samson is a real man through and through! But more importantly, like any true MAP Man he has two opposing sides – by day he portrays the image off a slick professional, business-exec, in his crisp pinstripe suit, but underneath he hides a wild, sex animal with no inhibitions just waiting to burst out and get dirty. And today we see both these sides of this sexy, silver fox as he jerks off in his suit and in his leather gear just for you. Which side gets you off is a matter of personal taste, but here at MAP we’ll stick with the whole package. And we can’t wait to see more of Samson in full action!


Newcomer Samson Stone makes his debut on Men at Play in a piece call Duality. I usually like them big and burly like this guy. I bet a buncha guys’ cocks exploded when they saw him.



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