I really like Jessy! He’s truly handsome, a great porn performer and seems genueinally nice. His album is fun but cheesy and doesn’t shine until his ballads, the boy can sing. If he’s looking for independent label like success, I think he could be a very successful cult artist. But if he wants to be like a Adam Lambert, Scissor Sisters or like, I’m not sure people will be able to get past the porn element. Nor is his music anywhere up to those artist’s level either…yet…I have said it before & I’ll say it again, I think Jessy is seriously one of THE hottest guys I have ever seen, period!!

With his profile, Endowment: 7.5, Foreskin: Uncut, Position: Versatile, Height: 6’0″, Body Hair: Hairy, Body Type: Body Builder, Eye Color: Green, Hair Color: Dark Brown…. Jessy Ares was working as a fashion model in Europe when he decided to start making gay porn. His good looks and versatility earned him an exclusive deal with Titan Men. Thanks to circus training in his youth, he’s a great juggler and acrobat and enjoys practicing them today. Ares stands 6’0 with dual U.S. and German passports;


Raging-Stallion-Studios-Porn-Star-Jessy-Ares-003 Raging-Stallion-Studios-Porn-Star-Jessy-Ares-004 Raging-Stallion-Studios-Porn-Star-Jessy-Ares-005


He also has Puerto Rican and Italian blood. He makes his own music under the name Arestirado and has released an album called Shameless, check out his website at www.arestirado.com! As of today, Jessy is a free agent and has worked with Lucas Entertainment, Falcon Studios, Raging Stallion, Cocksure Men and many more.

Stag Homme has just released a new dvd “Spunk Rush,” featuring the studio’s hottest web videos! On the cover of the dvd, you can see international porn star Jessy Ares, who has 2 scenes in this new release. He fucks and gets fucked by the owners of Stag Homme, Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse.


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