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Horny XXX Muscle Bears – Oohh My Hot Hairy Daddies! Part I

  Sexuality of muscle bear type daddy, Big and buff daddy type with hairy chest. Man with beard or goatee, typically with hairy chest and body and a stocky or heavyset build. Older or older looking, and displaying a masculine appearance. Bear run – a gathering or circuit party for bear and cub types. Yes…. […]

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Giacomo Mancini – PowerMen, The Class Clown

  Giacomo Mancini – PowerMen, The Class Clown The class clown? Just look at that face: Giacomo’s always amused by something! Wonder what it could be? Well, here’s a good guess: he’s solidly packed with hard muscle! No one he went to school with back in the day was about to mess around with the […]

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Well Hung Muscle Hunks Big Cocks Photos Gallery

  These guys are Soo BIG…soo DOMINANT…shown taking THEIR PLEASURE… They sure have some extremely sexy arms, & thick abs that flare to his broad shoulders & beautiful ass that you want to rim as they fuck! Pretty much hard the whole time, these well hung muscle jocks love what they do, and it’s easy […]

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Carl Hardwick – Big Cock Muscle God Hairy Daddy Part 1

Masculine and gigantic bodybuilder Rusty Jeffers (aka. Carl Hardwick). Two names, one man. And what a man!A legend among thousand muscle men and models. From amateur bodybuilder as Rusty Jeffers to Playgirl Magazine as a model, and then the Colt era in the mid-90’s, where he became the iconic Carl Hardwick, modelling for almost 10 […]

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David Anthony – Big Cock Top Gay Porn TitanMen Exclusive

Titan exclusive David Anthony has lent his superb 8.5 inch fine-tip COCK. Thick and juicy, David Anthony, TitanMen’s exclusive performer. At 41, David is the archetypal TitanMen “Daddy”, mature, sexually confident and swinging a big stick! Reminiscent of early gay porn pioneer Al Parker, Anthony sports a lean, ripped physique, a six pack and a […]

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