Fratmen Proudly Presents Hot Duos

Fratmen: Duos featuring some of the hottest men form the Frathouse having some fun together. Daniel and Todd jack off together watching some porn, Ricky and Dean give each other a hand and Ross blows his buddy Trey for the first time. Join six Fratmen in three separate scenes as they jack off together, jack each other or give a buddy blowjob. At the Frathouse there’s nothing wrong with helping a buddy out.











OMG !! They are both welcum to my house at any time. I’ll give them very “special” attention to every part of their bodies. Theyre both cute in different ways. Good stuff. Dean is one of the hotest guys i’ve ever seen …he’s the one i wanna spend my whole life with love you DEAN and Ricky’s body is great..I wouldn’t leave that dick alone. …..ahhh.. that abercrombie “ross from friends look a like” is hot.