Hot, Hard, Hung, Hunk!- Keeping with these men across america theme, they get naked and nasty for the cameras. Finely defined pounds with a sexy treasure trail that leads from their tight ripped abs to their full set of pubes. Beyond that is a surprising nice BIG piece of man cock that shoots a mighty fine man load all over tank top. The buff hairy muscle jocks, its so unusual to find a guy who has never been nude in front of the camera, so they must have been practicing in the mirror. In any event, it was so nice to meet such a hot big boy who does not shave his body hair. If my dream come true tobe in bed with thses guys,… I fell to my knees and began mouthing their big cocks through the sweats! Thyey moaned an “Oh yeah, baby,” pulled the front of their sweats down, grabbed the back of my head, rammed their thick ten-incher down my gagging throat, and started pumping my mouth.

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I was intoxicated by their musky smell and by their huge cock fucking my face. “Come on, white boy, take this big black dick all the way down your pretty face. Oh yeah, baby, you want my big load, don’t you?” Then theu pulled my head off their cocks, and held it directly in front of the mushroom head of the thick-veined uncut monster. “What do you want, pretty boy? Say it. Say it!” They slowly looked my face, and I could feel the big veins jutting out on his fat cock while the head grew and began oozing pre-cum.

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“Get ready, baby, ’cause I’m gonna blow a big fuckin’ load in your mouth. Oh yeah, come on, take that big fuckin’ uncut cock, yeah, … Take it. . . Take it . . Take it.” The words trailed-off, replaced by a big basso animal moan as they pulled my head all the way down and held it there, with me gagging in pleasure, my eyes watering.