Julio Lopez

Julio Lopez’s video was released by Dynamite in 2006, but since then Julio’s taken his rock-hard ass into the gym and built himself into a mountain of muscle! He now has several championship trophies behind him – but he’s still here to play privately for all his fans at Dynamite. Sheesh! Talk about massive muscles! BONUS! – 20 video clips from HARD ENCOUNTERS have been added to Julio’s pages – 40 new clips in all!

Julio-Lopez-Dynamite-Muscle-Hunks-001 Julio-Lopez-Dynamite-Muscle-Hunks-002 Julio-Lopez-Dynamite-Muscle-Hunks-005

Julio-Lopez-Dynamite-Muscle-Hunks-003 Julio-Lopez-Dynamite-Muscle-Hunks-004

Julio-Lopez-Dynamite-Muscle-Hunks-006 Julio-Lopez-Dynamite-Muscle-Hunks-007 Julio-Lopez-Dynamite-Muscle-Hunks-008