Max Hilton – Max’s Power Workout

Max Hilton may have the face of an ex-con you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley, but there’s no denying he’s also packing a highly charged, disciplined physique. Musculature, symmetry, cuts, definition and pure power like this don’t just happen overnight (or come out of a bottle, for that matter). In a private resort gym, Max pumps up his tasty muscles, slaps oil on himself, and glides into some confident posing – all in preparation of the private showing he’s about to give you! Fans of raw muscle flexing won’t be disappointed as the hung and hard Max shows you what’s what. On your knees, boy.

Max-Hilton-Masculine-Buffed-Stud-002 Max-Hilton-Masculine-Buffed-Stud-003 Max-Hilton-Masculine-Buffed-Stud-004

Max-Hilton-Masculine-Buffed-Stud-005 Max-Hilton-Masculine-Buffed-Stud-006 Max-Hilton-Masculine-Buffed-Stud-007


Max-Hilton-Masculine-Buffed-Stud-009 Max-Hilton-Masculine-Buffed-Stud-010 Max-Hilton-Masculine-Buffed-Stud-011

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