Rippling Hard Muscles Daddy

Casey Williams changes from muscle jock to leather daddy in his latest video from COLT STUDIO. He tops another beefy porn star John Magnum in a new movie titled Muscles In Leather. (John Magnum has one fine ass. That ass was made to be fucked, and fucked, and fucked…) Can’t say I remember him, but he looks good – and the chance to see John Magnum getting plowed in leather chaps – priceless. I think he looks wayyyy better now! He really does look hot still even gotten more handsome. The years have been good to him, but I imagine that he always kept up his workout regime!

Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-002 Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-003 Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-004


Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-006 Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-007

Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-008 Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-009


Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-011 Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-012

Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-013 Casey-Williams-Hot-Hairy-Daddy-ColtStudio-014

Casey was a very hot porn star very nice body at this first stint at porn he was really that young then I am not too sure how old he is now. Hmmm … I’m pretty impressed with how he looks now, but I think he was G0RGE0US back in the day. But my tastes are notoriously vanilla. How old is he now?