Sexy by the Pool

Eric, this is the hot time appearance of HUGE bodybuilders I’ve found, he is a super ripped musclemen engaged in an “Ancient Greek” style body! Eric posing for photoshoot after he got rid of most of their “TOGA” clothes. Then a hot muscle worship follows, the muscleman where we can see his dick and ass coming out. This muscle hunk delights us all with his huge flexed muscles that can wrestling to anyone, the much taller and heavier, he can easily defeats the strong one. I just want to ass-eating and intense fucking positions with him and then swollow Eric’s fountain-cumshot in my face-sitting position !!!

Handsome-Male-Bodybuilder-by-the-Pool-Eric-002 Handsome-Male-Bodybuilder-by-the-Pool-Eric-003


Handsome-Male-Bodybuilder-by-the-Pool-Eric-005 Handsome-Male-Bodybuilder-by-the-Pool-Eric-007 Handsome-Male-Bodybuilder-by-the-Pool-Eric-006

Handsome-Male-Bodybuilder-by-the-Pool-Eric-008 Handsome-Male-Bodybuilder-by-the-Pool-Eric-011


Maybe you can imagine his muscles in leather is an intoxicating combo that immediately stimulates all the senses. The look of thick muscles wrapped tight in leather chaps, boots, jockstraps and harnesses. Breathe in the scent of cigar smoke, sweat and well-worn leather. Hear the manly sounds of man hard-bodies pounding in man-on-man sex. Explore the dark spaces, the slings, chains and steel cages as you feel the heat of muscle-bound fetish. With a trusted buddy behind the cam, this hot guy get naked and put on a private show for you.