Pedro Andreas, Nico Aragon

Pedro Andreas is sunbathing when Nico Aragon comes to thewindow. After a few glimpses, Nico is on his knees and Pedro isfeeding him dick. Pedro works Nico’s throat, feeding him cock gentlyat first. Nico strips and reveals an amazing, hairy musculature, tightabs, thick arms, and a big, beautiful, uncut cock. Pedro feeds onNico’s cock, running its length along his lips and down his throat. Nicopumps his dick in and out of Pedro’s mouth before taking another turnsucking dick. Nico’s ass is next in line for some tongue action andPedro works his butthole with his lips. Pedro may be a top but he alsohas an amazing asshole. Nico treats it with love as he warms it upwith his mouth. When Nico bends over and opens his ass, Pedroshoves in his dick and works Nico’s hole hard. Nico loves the ride andit’s obvious from his moaning and the smile on his face. Pedro lovesto fuck a nice hole and as the guys switch from one position toanother, there’s not a beat missed. With Pedro pumping deep inside,Nico lets loose a stream of cum before Pedro blows his own load.

HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-002 HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-003 HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-004

HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-005 HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-006


HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-008 HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-009

HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-010 HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-011

HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-012 HairyBoyz-Pedro-Andreas-Fucks-Nico-Aragon-Hard-013

“Easily one of the hottest duos we’ve had here at HairyBoyz in a long time, Pedro and Nico have the most incredibly well-sculpted and lightly hairy bodies. Put together, it makes for an incomparably hot one-on-one encounter that’s not to be missed.”