Muscular, Handsome and Big-Dick

Joshua Fensen, a muscular, handsome and big-dicked straight stud who took our breath away. As soon as we saw this great male specimen we knew we had to see him naked and worship his big hard cock. Joshua’s cock got hard even while it was still in the briefs, this stud obviously has a high sex drive and gets hard at the slightest breeze. Not …Joshua Fensen is back and this time in his raw and unedited photoshoot with us. This hairy muscled guy played with his dick in his underwear while we were taking the “G” rated photos. So it was no surprise when I wanted to see his dick – uh – I mean to take the “X” rated photos, that his cock was already hard. I love a man that’s prepared and receptive for my dick – uh – I mean, to work hard.

ManAvenue-Joshua-Fensen-s-Raw-Photoshoot-003 ManAvenue-Joshua-Fensen-s-Raw-Photoshoot-004 ManAvenue-Joshua-Fensen-s-Raw-Photoshoot-005

ManAvenue-Joshua-Fensen-s-Raw-Photoshoot-006 ManAvenue-Joshua-Fensen-s-Raw-Photoshoot-008 ManAvenue-Joshua-Fensen-s-Raw-Photoshoot-009


ManAvenue-Joshua-Fensen-s-Raw-Photoshoot-010 ManAvenue-Joshua-Fensen-s-Raw-Photoshoot-011 ManAvenue-Joshua-Fensen-s-Raw-Photoshoot-012


Watch him jerking his hairy dick during the shoot, posing and flexing for us while we worked the cameras and blowing his thick creamy cum all over his pubes and down his throbbing shaft. FUCK…I love these photoshoots. (Episode Added March 9, 2012.)