Kurt Beckmann – Alpha Male

It’s been awhile since we’ve played with Kurt Beckmann. The handsome, muscular German with the magnificent tats and extraordinary frontal loader always appealed to our softer tastes. That was then. Well, this is now. Kurt’s gone over to the dark side, and wow – what a performance this new leather god gives in his first MH appearance in almost than four years! Talk about Alpha Males, Kurt demonstrates what being a real man is all about. Accept no substitutes: Kurt Beckmann is the real deal: he’s gotten huge, mean, he’s all muscle, and there’s nothin’ soft about him.

Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-001 Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-002 Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-004

Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-012 Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-005 Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-006

Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-008 Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-009 Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-007

Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-010 Alpha-Male-Kurt-Beckmann-Live-Muscle-Show-Promo-011