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Otto Mann, LiveMuscleShow and Muscle Hunks Hot Hard Model – Otto On The Rise

Otto On The Rise In his delicious premiere performance at, new LiveMuscleShow sensation Otto Mann delivers a tasty tableau of white collar muscleplay. In this irresistible office flexin’ fantasy, Otto’s an overworked middle manager following orders to produce documents. Once in the confines of the company file room, Otto relieves the tension nicely when […]

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Straight Guys Naked in Public and Indoor Places

Exhibitionism can be enticing and fun, as long as you keep it clean and don’t overstep your boundaries. Maybe you can find out how to get naked in public and enjoy a better sex life. For these guys, as a matter of fact, as cute as they’re trying to portray exhibitionism to be, the term […]

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Edji Da Silva Has Bareback Sex With His Husband Timo Dylan – Lucas Entertainment

Edji Da Silva is One of the Hottest and Sexually Charged Lucas Entertainment writes: “Edji Da Silva is one of the hottest, sexually charged, and most popular Lucas Entertainment Exclusives the studio has had in recent memory, so it wasn’t a tough choice when he asked to film a gay bareback sex scene with his […]

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Oohh My Hot Hairy Daddies! Part 3, Who’s Your Horny Daddy

Mature And Rugged Mature And Rugged, If you love rugged, rough, butch, macho hairy daddy bears then you will love and enjoy this post. I swear these men are total perfection….I love them. So fucking hot, I would often dare their bodies and the bigger dicks would get to fuck the other one. ….Big, strong […]

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Max Hilton – Bodybuilder of MuscleHunks.Com “Max’s Hideaway”

Bodybuilder Max Hilton Here’s something I’ve never admitted publicly: I like rough, “enthusiastic”, physical sex that leaves me worse for wear.. with the red marks, bruises and sore ass to show for it. Without going into specifics, I’ve been told my tastes are a niche market, which might explain my difficulty meeting guys up to […]

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