Jess Vill

Jess Vill is going to have your pulses racing. He’s a gorgeous hunk of manliness that definitely deserves to be shared far and wide throughout the blogosphere, and I intend to do my little bit with this post of sexy pics. If I had a body and face like Jess, I would want to get myself in front of several of the top talented photogs in the business and not just to further my career. Vance knows how to take a beautiful image, and it certainly came through for this handsome fella. Jess Vill, Mister Men France 2014, When you see this guy, you could say it’s almost Eric Hanson-esque, click if you new to the name. Must be the lack of follicle (I suspect some depilation has taken place) or could be the unnecessary tatoo, but really the pair of almost mono brows on Jess makes up for everything.



Now I know why I’ve always had a crush on Bert from Sesame Street. It stars a hottie named Jess Vill who we can’t get enough of. He’s got a hot bod and we would proudly mount this calendar on our wall. He proudly represents the male sex and France for the year 2014. Wonderful video that sublime. Congratulations!