With his 8.0 inches endowment, foreskin uncut, moderately hairy body, his muscle, brown eye and dark brown hair…. how gorgeous he is !!! After being a fashion model and on a TV show for three years on mainstream TV in Argentina, everyone was expecting he to step into regular acting or hosting another show, but for him that was like being stuck in the same place forever without the chance to experience different situations around the world. D.O first gay porn scenes were for Black Scorpion

Before that time he was a main stream fashion model and TV host, they give me all he wanted to make he feel that he was just shooting just another TV spot, but naked with a bunch of hot models. He’s done over 15 movies for Raging Stallion and for Black Scorpion, and now he’s an exclusive for Raging Stallion Studios.

DO-RagingStallion-Falcon-Studios-Gay-Porn-Model-001 DO-RagingStallion-Falcon-Studios-Gay-Porn-Model-002

DO-RagingStallion-Falcon-Studios-Gay-Porn-Model-003 DO-RagingStallion-Falcon-Studios-Gay-Porn-Model-004 DO-RagingStallion-Falcon-Studios-Gay-Porn-Model-005

DO-RagingStallion-Falcon-Studios-Gay-Porn-Model-007 DO-RagingStallion-Falcon-Studios-Gay-Porn-Model-008 DO-RagingStallion-Falcon-Studios-Gay-Porn-Model-009


DO-RagingStallion-Falcon-Studios-Gay-Porn-Model-011 DO-RagingStallion-Falcon-Studios-Gay-Porn-Model-010



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