Vince Ferelli

You’ve all seen Vince Ferelli over the past few years as the standard of bodybuilding pornstars. Now, in LiveMuscleShow, it is the chance to finally experience all the dimensions of Vince, up close and personal. If you crave muscle that’s well spoken, educated, intellectual & warm, then Vince is just the huge teddy bear you’ve been craving! … Vince Ferelli heads out to enjoy his muscles on a ranch. He carefully applies oil all over his beautifully tanned torso. His muscles are now ready to be flexed and posed. Outside we see his muscles in motion as he tries his hand at the lasso. Indoors Vince gives his feet a rest as he removes his boots and massages each foot slowly. His cock gets his full attention next as he gets naked and strokes his hard cock til he shoots all over his shiny abs.

Hairy-Beefy-Hunks-Gay-Porn-Vince-Ferelli-002 Hairy-Beefy-Hunks-Gay-Porn-Vince-Ferelli-003 Hairy-Beefy-Hunks-Gay-Porn-Vince-Ferelli-004

Hairy-Beefy-Hunks-Gay-Porn-Vince-Ferelli-005 Hairy-Beefy-Hunks-Gay-Porn-Vince-Ferelli-006


Ever notice the FUR in fury? Jared Degado on furious piece of beef! He’s the ultimate triple threat of romance cover model, Brawny paper towel man and legendary lumberjack Paul Bunyon rolled into one mighty man package. We led him off the Cascade Mountains, stripped his flannel and axe. and exposed 220 lbs of beastly beauty that rocks our gallery to its core!

Hairy-Beefy-Hunks-Gay-Porn-Vince-Ferelli-008 Hairy-Beefy-Hunks-Gay-Porn-Vince-Ferelli-009 Hairy-Beefy-Hunks-Gay-Porn-Vince-Ferelli-010

Hairy-Beefy-Hunks-Gay-Porn-Vince-Ferelli-011 Hairy-Beefy-Hunks-Gay-Porn-Vince-Ferelli-012

Hairy-Beefy-Hunks-Gay-Porn-Vince-Ferelli-013 Hairy-Beefy-Hunks-Gay-Porn-Vince-Ferelli-014 Hairy-Beefy-Hunks-Gay-Porn-Vince-Ferelli-015

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