Sylvester Randolph

MuscleHunks muscleman Sylvester Randolph is prowling the studio late at night when he discovers the clothing storage room. Intrigued and turned on by the variety of outfits, Sylvester decides right away to settle down and take care of his own huge man meat. No disappointment for muscle fans here: big n’ tall Sylvester’s got awesome, rock hard abs and a thick, veiny 10 inch super pole that rival the biggest musclemen you’ll ever hope to see! Check out Sylvester Randolph pics courtesy of MuscleHunks!

10-Inch-Super-Pole-Hung-Hunks-Sylvester-Randolph-002 10-Inch-Super-Pole-Hung-Hunks-Sylvester-Randolph-003 10-Inch-Super-Pole-Hung-Hunks-Sylvester-Randolph-004

10-Inch-Super-Pole-Hung-Hunks-Sylvester-Randolph-005 10-Inch-Super-Pole-Hung-Hunks-Sylvester-Randolph-006


10-Inch-Super-Pole-Hung-Hunks-Sylvester-Randolph-008 10-Inch-Super-Pole-Hung-Hunks-Sylvester-Randolph-009 10-Inch-Super-Pole-Hung-Hunks-Sylvester-Randolph-010

10-Inch-Super-Pole-Hung-Hunks-Sylvester-Randolph-011 10-Inch-Super-Pole-Hung-Hunks-Sylvester-Randolph-012 10-Inch-Super-Pole-Hung-Hunks-Sylvester-Randolph-013

10-Inch-Super-Pole-Hung-Hunks-Sylvester-Randolph-014 10-Inch-Super-Pole-Hung-Hunks-Sylvester-Randolph-015


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