Carlos Caballero

Its the end of a hot evening in the City. Some have been working, some have been celebrating, but when the lights go down everyone just wants the same thing. And despite being obscenely drunk, getting a piece of tight ass is never far behind in Carlos’ dirty mind. So when he is approached the sexy young bar man, he uses his drunken state as an excuse to ge his hands all over Rick’s smart black uniform and gauge his chances of getting into those tight black trousers.

Carlos-Caballero-Hot-Handsome-Daddy-Hunk-MenAtPlay-001 Carlos-Caballero-Hot-Handsome-Daddy-Hunk-MenAtPlay-002 Carlos-Caballero-Hot-Handsome-Daddy-Hunk-MenAtPlay-003

Carlos-Caballero-Hot-Handsome-Daddy-Hunk-MenAtPlay-005 Carlos-Caballero-Hot-Handsome-Daddy-Hunk-MenAtPlay-006 Carlos-Caballero-Hot-Handsome-Daddy-Hunk-MenAtPlay-007

Carlos-Caballero-Hot-Handsome-Daddy-Hunk-MenAtPlay-008 Carlos-Caballero-Hot-Handsome-Daddy-Hunk-MenAtPlay-009 Carlos-Caballero-Hot-Handsome-Daddy-Hunk-MenAtPlay-010

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