Cayden & Sean

Cayden & Sean – All I’ve been hearing lately is ‘when are you gonna put Cayden Ross with another guy?’ Something about this gorgeous hunk of muscle with a beer can dick has really hit you guys right where it counts… between the legs. And I’m getting this same question all over the place… on blogs, in my email, the guy who bags my groceries… yeah, he’s a bit of a perv, but hot as hell, and make me crazy for him.

RandyBlue-Cayden-and-Sean-Fuck-Scene-001 RandyBlue-Cayden-and-Sean-Fuck-Scene-002 RandyBlue-Cayden-and-Sean-Fuck-Scene-003

RandyBlue-Cayden-and-Sean-Fuck-Scene-004 RandyBlue-Cayden-and-Sean-Fuck-Scene-005 RandyBlue-Cayden-and-Sean-Fuck-Scene-007


RandyBlue-Cayden-and-Sean-Fuck-Scene-009 RandyBlue-Cayden-and-Sean-Fuck-Scene-010 RandyBlue-Cayden-and-Sean-Fuck-Scene-011


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