Don Juan’s Body Shop

How about a tune-up for your little sports car (as it were)? Pull into Don Juan’s Body Shop and check out the super-muscled, tough-as-nails bodybuilder/mechanic/owner! This handsome heavyweight will take care of everything your muscle love requires, flexing his giant biceps, filling your face with his mountainous pecs, and satisfying your lustful dreams with his powerful, perfect glutes. And speaking of power, Don has a supercharged high-litre engine that fires generously on all cylinders. The bonus round? If you’re one of Don Juan’s favored customers, he’ll show off his big competition-ready muscles for you in private – at no extra charge.

Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-001 Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-002 Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-003

Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-004 Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-005

Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-006 Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-009 Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-010


Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-012 Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-013 Don-Juan-s-Body-Shop-Hard-Body-Papi-014


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