Hunter Manning

Speaking of being a whore for jock butt, I’d like to introduce you all to Randy Blue‘s new model Hunter Manning. The 25 year-old bodybuilder is the definition of “sex on legs”, and it should be noted that the legs supporting all that sex are utterly massive. Everything about this guy is massive (cue snarky queens who will inevitably comment on his penis size). If Randy Blue doesn’t get a dick between those muscular cheeks by the end of 2013, I am going to cry in a corner, boycott their site forever and hire hackers to crash their servers. <— I will do none of these things, but they should still take me seriously and make this happen. That butt needs to get fucked. It’s imperative for the future of the human race.

Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-001 Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-002 Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-003

Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-004 Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-006

Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-005 Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-007

Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-008 Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-010

Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-013 Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-014 Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-016


Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-017 Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-018 Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-021

Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-020 Randy-Blue-Big-Guy-Hunter-Manning-022

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