Male Sex Drive and Big Muscles

I think, I’m attracted to big muscles the same way men are attracted to big boobs. (Women can’t help what size their breasts are, but men have control over how well they tone their body.) While they certainly look quite nice, they don’t sit at the top of the list of important characteristics for your long-term partner to have. When gay are looking for something short-term, they aren’t necessarily looking for someone to have compelling conversations with — they want someone hot! If you’re trying to figure out why men — especially young men — spend so much time at the gym, here’s your answer,” ….”The stereotype is that men work out to compete with each other, but our research suggests that pumping iron is a way for men to enhance their attractiveness to women.”

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Aggression, Extra testosterone does not mean your guy will act like Rocky Balboa all the time. A big myth is that too much testosterone is all about guys who “take huge amounts of anabolic steroids, beat up women, and who have an uncontrollable desire to have sex,” says Goodman. “That’s movie stuff. That’s men who are abusing anabolic steroids, not just testosterone. [Those steroids] are hundreds of times more potent than normal testosterone.” In other words, he’s not going to go agro if he naturally happens to have a heavy dose of the hormone in his system.

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The scent of sex, According to new scientific research, a woman will literally sniff out a man’s genetic make-up before she decides if he’s right for her. A woman’s sense of smell reaches a peak around the time of her ovulation, the 24-hour window -during the monthly menstrual cycle in which she can become pregnant.


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