Kent Logan in Legendary Bodies 2

If the look is Masculine, the name is COLT, This second installment of COLT Legendary Bodies Series presents COLT Men Kent Logan, Adam Champ, Skye Woods and Johnny Cruise. These four COLT Men strut their stuff while posing their well defined and glistening muscles. The Legendary Bodies Series was developed by Rip COLT himself for the true blue fan and aficionado of all the world’s pinnacle men – COLT Men. The Legendary Bodies series contains nudity, erotic posing and muscle worship. Does not contain hardcore material. You will see why I have a crush on him. Great lookin’ body, he looks hot in those black shorts. He looks amazing in that white jock, I would love to workout with him! especially when you know what it holds!! …..very hot indeed! He knows how to handle himself. Just wish hed let me do it!

Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-001 Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-002 Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-003

Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-004 Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-005 Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-006



Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-007 Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-008 Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-009

Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-012 Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-013 Colt-Studio-Kent-Logan-Perfect-Ripped-Body-015

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