Muscle God of Latin Descent

Marlon is a muscle god of Latin descent, and he’s here on LMS to satisfy your hedonistic cravings and urges for someone lean and solid, exotic and spicy, juicy and delicious. Marlon is ripped and statuesque, with smooth tanned skin that accentuates the shape of his rippling muscles. Picture yourself running your hands up Marlon’s thick and powerful thighs, and stroking Marlon with your fingers in various other sensual places as you move upward in the direction of Marlon’s washboard abs. Muscle Worship doesn’t get any better than this! But don’t stop there. Once you gaze at his sexy face and his deep-set, chocolate brown eyes, the deal will be done, and you’ll be hooked on Marlon for good. Speaking of chocolate, we should let you know that despite being a tough and dominant guy, Marlon also just so happens to be very sweet, he loves to chat, and he has a big following of fans, here on LMS. Find out what all the buzz is about over this caliente and picante hombre named Marlon Hunter. Contact Marlon, now, exclusively at

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Marlon Stats:
Age: 24
Weight: 235 lbs
Height: 6′ 3″
Chest: 69 in
Waist: 28 in
Bicep: 29 in
Thigh: 29 in

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