Raging Stallion’s Hottest Scenes

Raging Stallion is constantly searching for the hottest stars to feature in the studio’s massive list of ongoing productions. Recently, Hard Friction founders and Raging Stallion Directors, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond, unearthed the man who could very well be the studio’s next superstar, Damien Stone. The big-cocked, edgy and furred new star submitted an application to Hard Friction’s model search site, and Cruz and Bond knew he was golden the moment they met him. Now, he’s featured in two major Raging Stallion releases that will hit shelves within a week of each other, Monster Bang’s He’s Got a Big Package (July 1) and Hard Friction’s All Access (July 8).

Packed-hard-driving-masculine-sex-He-s-Got-Big-Package-002 Packed-hard-driving-masculine-sex-He-s-Got-Big-Package-005 Packed-hard-driving-masculine-sex-He-s-Got-Big-Package-012

Packed-hard-driving-masculine-sex-He-s-Got-Big-Package-004 Packed-hard-driving-masculine-sex-He-s-Got-Big-Package-007 Packed-hard-driving-masculine-sex-He-s-Got-Big-Package-009

Packed-hard-driving-masculine-sex-He-s-Got-Big-Package-003 Packed-hard-driving-masculine-sex-He-s-Got-Big-Package-006 Packed-hard-driving-masculine-sex-He-s-Got-Big-Package-015


After Stone completed his first live scene for Hard Friction, Cruz knew he wanted to feature him in his next feature for Raging, He’s Got a Big Package. …. With Stone’s massive endowment and intensity, Cruz knew he was perfect for He’s Got a Big Package


Packed-hard-driving-masculine-sex-He-s-Got-Big-Package-008 Packed-hard-driving-masculine-sex-He-s-Got-Big-Package-010 Packed-hard-driving-masculine-sex-He-s-Got-Big-Package-013

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