Sami Damo

Sami Damo is working out. He’s a tall, lean, hairy muscular jock who is as comfortable outside doing lots of physical activity as he is in the gym getting a good workout in. He’s got a nice bit of dark body hair spread about in just the right places. His sexy olive skin glistens with sweat as he works each muscle, straining his bicep, toughening up his rock hard pecs and washboard abs.

Sami-Damo-Randyblue-Hairy-Turkish-Muscular-Jock-001 Sami-Damo-Randyblue-Hairy-Turkish-Muscular-Jock-002 Sami-Damo-Randyblue-Hairy-Turkish-Muscular-Jock-003

Sami-Damo-Randyblue-Hairy-Turkish-Muscular-Jock-004 Sami-Damo-Randyblue-Hairy-Turkish-Muscular-Jock-006 Sami-Damo-Randyblue-Hairy-Turkish-Muscular-Jock-007


Sami’s Stat:
Ethnicity: Caucasian – American
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Body Hair: Hairy
Cock Type: Cut
Build: Toned


Sami-Damo-Randyblue-Hairy-Turkish-Muscular-Jock-008 Sami-Damo-Randyblue-Hairy-Turkish-Muscular-Jock-010 Sami-Damo-Randyblue-Hairy-Turkish-Muscular-Jock-012

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