Best time to shave… Morning or Night?

You know, there really isn’t a definitive answer to this question. But, I can definitely point out a few advantages and disadvantages for each… The Morning Shave : Pros. 1) The shadow fighter – Some men’s beards can be both darker and tougher, so a morning shave can help to prolong the dreaded 5 o’clock shadow. 2) Rise & Shine – we all have our ways of waking up in the morning. For some, the step-by-step approach to shaving: Prep, Shave & Refresh (see my Quick & Classic Shaving Tips), can help do the trick! : Cons. Nicks/Irritation – Getting out of the door in the morning, can at times be a “mad dash”. So, having this type of a routine in the morning, may do your face more harm than good!

The Evening Shave : Pros. 1) Slow -n- Steady – An evening shave can provide more time to getting a closer and “cleaner looking” shave. 2) The Healing Effect – While we sleep, our bodies including our skin, regroup and heal. For this reason, newly shaved skin has the opportunity to “heal itself” before the morning grind. : Cons. The tough beard – If your beard is dark and very heavy, another shave may be necessary in the morning.




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