Wow He is Incredibly Hot

I hope he gets a clue and dumps the girl and gets down with a man. I’m not being a smart-ass when I say he’d probably make a great bottom. Some of us like big dick hairy Neanderthals, Trent is the ultimate muscle-god fantasy. He has huge freaking muscles, and he oozes a musky, hairy masculinity. This awesome Aussie is ALL MAN.Trent Fosters is Dynamite Studios’ first Australian model. His phenomenal stature is evidence enough as to why he is Australia’s number one stripper and most demanded in the Muscle Worship scene throughout Australia. People stop and stare at his awesome physique, only to be blown away when they hear his strong Australian accent. In this video, he aims to please…especially himself, as he gives new weight to the term DOWN UNDER! Aussie Boy Trent Fosters has come a long way since he first appeared before our cameras – stunning, masculine, with a cock he controls at command.

Trent-Fosters-Hairy-Stunning-Masculine-Big-Bulge-02 Trent-Fosters-Hairy-Stunning-Masculine-Big-Bulge-03 Trent-Fosters-Hairy-Stunning-Masculine-Big-Bulge-04

Trent-Fosters-Hairy-Stunning-Masculine-Big-Bulge-05 Trent-Fosters-Hairy-Stunning-Masculine-Big-Bulge-06 Trent-Fosters-Hairy-Stunning-Masculine-Big-Bulge-07


Trent’s last bodybuilding show was such a major success for him that we knew we had to shoot him again right away. See a huge, ripped, talkative, and wildly sexy Trent as he shows you the hugeness of his muscles and the hugeness of his machine in a Las Vegas suite! There’s only one Trent… and we discovered him first!

Trent-Fosters-Hairy-Stunning-Masculine-Big-Bulge-09 Trent-Fosters-Hairy-Stunning-Masculine-Big-Bulge-10 Trent-Fosters-Hairy-Stunning-Masculine-Big-Bulge-11

Trent-Fosters-Hairy-Stunning-Masculine-Big-Bulge-12 Trent-Fosters-Hairy-Stunning-Masculine-Big-Bulge-13 Trent-Fosters-Hairy-Stunning-Masculine-Big-Bulge-14

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