The Beautiful Bruno Nicolato

Our dream boyfriend would have: A cute face, Awesome abs, Perfect pecs, Bulging biceps. Oh, what do you know, Bruno Nicolato ticks all our boxes. He shows off his incredible body in this shoot by Diego Concesso. Is this the part where we start singing Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen? Whit great body, Bruno is indeed beautiful (with one minor setback) and seems slightly more rugged than the norm…Ohhh, yesssssss! That’s a MAN! What a hunk , handsome face , beautiful muscular body , Bruno is a very sexy man.

Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-002 Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-003 Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-004

Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-005 Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-006 Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-007


Bruno Nicolato Stats
Agency: Piva Advice
Height: 180
Thorax: 103
Shirt: 2L
Suit: 50
Dummy: 40
Shoe: 41
Eyes: Brown
Hair: brown


Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-010 Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-011 Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-012

Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-013 Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-014

Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-015 Male-Model-Tasty-Guys-Bruno-Nicolato-016

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