Don Juan – Rock Hard Muscle Daddy

When Daddy gets around to showing off his muscle, all the kids had best behave – unless they want bulging biceps flexed in their faces and their heads slammed against massive pecs and quads! Hey – come to think of it, what’s wrong with that? Don Juan ramped the muscle game up a notch in his powerful MH.com debut a few months ago with a private showing featuring ripped physique and his powerful, spurting tool, and now he’s here plying his massive trademark bodybuilder flex-pose-jack prowess in straight-forward muscle daddy fashion. And check out those rock hard glutes in his shower scene! YUM!



Handsome-Heavyweight-Daddy-Bodybuilder-Don-Juan-002 Handsome-Heavyweight-Daddy-Bodybuilder-Don-Juan-003

Handsome-Heavyweight-Daddy-Bodybuilder-Don-Juan-004 Handsome-Heavyweight-Daddy-Bodybuilder-Don-Juan-005


Handsome-Heavyweight-Daddy-Bodybuilder-Don-Juan-008 Handsome-Heavyweight-Daddy-Bodybuilder-Don-Juan-010

Handsome-Heavyweight-Daddy-Bodybuilder-Don-Juan-009 Handsome-Heavyweight-Daddy-Bodybuilder-Don-Juan-011


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