Dad Definition

Grobes Geraet, this big daddy is lucky enough to be Tim’s ( boyfriend for the last 7 years. Tim met him about 8 years ago and he always supported Tim in what he’s doing. Of course Grobes was a bit jealous at the beginning, and still is, when he sees Tim’s very much into a guy, but somthing would be wrong if he would not be jealous at all. They’re open and can each have his playtime with other guys. But always being honest and respectful. Of course there are many videos featuring Tim on this site, but you´ll find some content with this big daddy as well. ….Grobes is a perfect dad in every inch. Ripped, rugged, handsome and insanely manly. Stunning chest covered with fur, strong arms & legs and big juicy knob.

About this promo photos set, “Grobes in the sun” They just had a nice holiday in Spain. And that was a great opportunity to have some new photos made. So now, enjoy good old Grobes in the sun…:) I wish he was more photographed professionally. Hot!

Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-001 Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-002 Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-003

Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-004 Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-005 Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-006


Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-008 Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-010 Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-011

Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-012 Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-013

Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-014 Grobes-Geraet-Rugged-Handsome-Dad-Timtales-016


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