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Built huge and strong, Ivan is a mountain of a man, with the exotic Eastern features of a sexy pirate. Ivan’s got big bulging muscles, both above and below the waist, and he’s just waiting to flex for you, and to show you all he’s got. Be warned, though… Ivan’s captivating, handsome looks have been known to enchant his admirers to the extent that they become entranced and can think only about him! See for yourself, whether or not you have the will power to resist our pirate. Forget rock-hard. Ivan is a solid piece of steel. At 5’7 and 210 pounds contest-weight to 240 pounds off-season, Ivan is straight out of the foundry.

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Even off-season he looks ripped and ready to compete: huge shoulders and massive arms right down to a six-pack that stands out like the Carpathian Mountains Ivan calls home. Yet underneath all the brawn is a serious mischief-maker. His sense of humor – if you can get him to show it – is razor-sharp and ready to laugh at anything, though most likely you’ll see his dark eyes twinkle with amusement long before that serious exterior cracks.


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Ivan is a true athlete. Bodybuilding, though his focus and something he loves, is not his only talent. He’s also a skilled swimmer, runner and footballer, and he skis and hikes just for the entertainment. Looking at him, you can just imagine the green hills behind him as he climbs up for a break from the gym. …Enjoy a true Romanian exhibitionist at his best, just like he is in the room with you! …Ivan Dragos stats : Age: 28, Weight: 93 kg, Height: 172 cm, Chest: 140 cm, Waist: 80 cm, Bicep: 51 cm and Thigh: 72 cm …Absolutely beautiful man with huge muscles and fantastic big hard cock. Very sexy and made me shoot with his flexing and posing and rubbing his hard cock and showing his muscle ass.


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