Handsome Blond Muscle Kane Griffin

Kane Griffin, you may have seen this handsome hunk on PowerMen.Com or even his live show on your LiveMuscleShow.Com, Today, MuscleHunks.Com proud to presents his new muscle worship with hot jerkoff episode. Handsome blond muscle – what beats that? Okay, it may be a matter of taste – some muscle fans like dark, brooding muscle daddies, while others prefer men of color. Still others like their muscle dudes on the young and arrogant side, and Latin musclemen certainly have powerful appeal. But blond muscle is a standard all its own, hearkening back to the days of classic bodybuilder flexing on sun-drenched beaches, where handsome musclemen posed for adoring fans. LMS star Kane Griffin belongs to this tradition. Check out this magnificent young blond in his pump, flex, pose and jack debut.

MuscleHunks-Com-Presents-Kane-Griffin-Blond-Hunk-002 MuscleHunks-Com-Presents-Kane-Griffin-Blond-Hunk-003 MuscleHunks-Com-Presents-Kane-Griffin-Blond-Hunk-004

MuscleHunks-Com-Presents-Kane-Griffin-Blond-Hunk-005 MuscleHunks-Com-Presents-Kane-Griffin-Blond-Hunk-006



MuscleHunks-Com-Presents-Kane-Griffin-Blond-Hunk-009 MuscleHunks-Com-Presents-Kane-Griffin-Blond-Hunk-010 MuscleHunks-Com-Presents-Kane-Griffin-Blond-Hunk-011


MuscleHunks-Com-Presents-Kane-Griffin-Blond-Hunk-013 MuscleHunks-Com-Presents-Kane-Griffin-Blond-Hunk-014

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