Denis Vega and Dani Robles

Since the first production snap shots of Denis Vega and Dani Robles filming in a mechanics garage for Menatplay – everyone has been asking “When is this one coming out!” Well, we’re very happy to tell you the answer is “It’s out NOW!”. Aside from the fact that you’ve got 2 of Menatplay’s newest most popular models, the Latin passion really exploded on set when these bronzed beauties came together in “Autofornication”. With Denis as the rougher greased up mechanic , and Mr Robles looking as impeccable as ever in an electric blue suit, a simple car service accelerates in to a hot, sweaty , dirty, passionate ass pumping ride that Dani will never forget ( ask him. He still talks about that shoot) .


MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-003 MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-004

MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-005 MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-006 MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-007

MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-008 MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-009


The in-car blow job that Dani gives Denis is just incredible and as Dani becomes more greased up at the hands of Denis, the clothes get pulled off and Dani is fucked over a stack of car tyres . This all ends in each giving the other a full sticky cum facial , which we’ve slowed down for you so you can enjoy every squirt over theses studs faces. We’ve had some great action at Menatplay this year, but seriously – this takes it to top gear.

MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-011 MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-012

MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-013 MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-014


MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-016 MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-017

MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-018 MAP-Auto-Fornication-Denis-Vega-Dani-Robles-019

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