Savaged Features Jessy Ares & Ricky Ares

JESSY ARES is Back! And he’s looking hunkier and hotter than ever, even more so when he has his real-life boyfriend banging his hard, muscular ass from behind. Ricky Ares makes his Menatplay debut as the beefy bar tender who clocks the mysterious and smartly dressed customer as soon as he enters the bar. Jessy can feel the weight of Ricky’s stare from behind the bar, and although he’s shy at first, the alcohol helps him to lose his inhibitions and signals the beefy stranger to follow him to somewhere more private. The genuine chemistry between these men is clearly evident as Ricky goes down to feast on Jessy’s delicious ass. Perhaps that’s his trick for convincing Jessy to bottom for him? Either way we’re happy as Jessy getting pounded is RED HOT to watch!

2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-001 2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-002

2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-003 2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-004

2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-005 2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-006 2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-008


2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-010 2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-012

2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-013 2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-014

2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-015 2014-MenAtPlay-Savaged-Jessy-Ares-is-Back-016


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