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Well, there you have it, sexy athletes in the buff and what you can see is their bulges. Feast your eyes, so they’re attractive super star athletes. Good for us! seeing them in hot photos set. If you need help getting started check out these ten athletes who have ventured out into modeling, you can go to >> In that link you can see that “Ryan Kesler” is the one of them, he’s my favorite because of his muscled butt is really sexy.

Ryan Kesler is a forward for the Vancouver Canucks and doesn’t mind baring it all. In 2010 he released his own line of sportswear in partnership with Vancouver-based Firstar Sports. In the promotion Kesler just happened to be modeling athletic underwear. The attention garnered from this add landed Kesler on Vancouver’s “Most Beautiful People”.


Sexy-Atheletic-Super-Stars-Shirtless-Big-Bulge-003 Sexy-Atheletic-Super-Stars-Shirtless-Big-Bulge-004 Sexy-Atheletic-Super-Stars-Shirtless-Big-Bulge-005

Sexy-Atheletic-Super-Stars-Shirtless-Big-Bulge-006 Sexy-Atheletic-Super-Stars-Shirtless-Big-Bulge-007 Sexy-Atheletic-Super-Stars-Shirtless-Big-Bulge-008


David Beckham is a good example of super star who can “Battle of the bulge”, believe me, I mean it. Hey, eyes up here! David Beckham is arousing controversy with revealing H&M ads – as well as statues being erected in the city – that are prompting disapproval among crotch-ety New Yorkers. Lady Liberty may be massive, but she’s modest. You can’t say the same for David Beckham, who’s putting his impressive manhood, well, smack in our faces. Starting today, his package will be seen all over Manhattan, courtesy of 10-foot-high gleaming statues of the Brit in his H&M-branded underwear. It’ll make you wonder why his famously sullen spouse, Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, never smiles …LoL.


Sexy-Atheletic-Super-Stars-Shirtless-Big-Bulge-011 Sexy-Atheletic-Super-Stars-Shirtless-Big-Bulge-012 Sexy-Atheletic-Super-Stars-Shirtless-Big-Bulge-013

Sexy-Atheletic-Super-Stars-Shirtless-Big-Bulge-014 Sexy-Atheletic-Super-Stars-Shirtless-Big-Bulge-015 Sexy-Atheletic-Super-Stars-Shirtless-Big-Bulge-016

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