Adam Foust

Adam Foust – Every one has a personal preference for the adult sites they like to go to. What I really like about my site is the fact I don’t have such a strict age restriction for models. I know that might not be good for people that have one look they go for but for me it works out fine. Life should be a huge buffet and no one should be on a restricting diet. I love all types of hot men and Adam is. …Strawberry-blond stud Adam Faust was hairy, ripped and all man and he started making XXX movies since about 2004. Although some of his movies are mainstream, he called himself a ‘fisting top’ and described his other specialisms as bondage and S&M. Indeed, he won best fetish escort at the first Annual Escort Awards and has proved a popular figure at Hot House’s Club Inferno Dungeon. He was born in February 1974 in New York, has an MBA and described himself as a great cook. Before his porn career took off, he worked retail in New York.

Adam-Foust-Hairy-Muscle-Hunk-Daddy-001 Adam-Foust-Hairy-Muscle-Hunk-Daddy-002 Adam-Foust-Hairy-Muscle-Hunk-Daddy-003

Adam-Foust-Hairy-Muscle-Hunk-Daddy-004 Adam-Foust-Hairy-Muscle-Hunk-Daddy-006 Adam-Foust-Hairy-Muscle-Hunk-Daddy-007


Adam-Foust-Hairy-Muscle-Hunk-Daddy-009 Adam-Foust-Hairy-Muscle-Hunk-Daddy-010 Adam-Foust-Hairy-Muscle-Hunk-Daddy-011


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