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Mark was a well known stripper in London clubs when I met him. He had such an aggressive and charismatic presence on stage that I was suprised to discover how shy he really is. He was born in Wales on March 24th 1967. He admits to having been a “juvenile delinquent” (his words) and spent time (between the ages of 13 and 17) in detention centers. Mark later moved to London and settled in a place you’ll be familiar with, Blaster, Earls Court. Not a bad place for a young gay boy. During his early years, he was a dancer/stripper on the London Club scene and was featured in a fitness/workout programme on TV. After that, he got into trouble again and spent time behind bars. Despite being gay, he really didn’t acknowledge it, claiming that his first experience with another man wasn’t until he was in his mid twenties.

In an interview on the KB web site, he was asked: “What was your first your first experience like?” To which he answered: “That happened when I was in prison at 25 years old, with a 46 year old guy who was doing life for armed robbery! But he was a great guy all the same!”

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Mark did some escort work for a time, but something went wrong (he won’t talk about it in detail) and soon gave it up. In 1994, Mark was one of a number of models featured in a soft-core video produced in London, called ‘INSTINCTS: EROTIC CHOICES.’ This was an instructional video illustrating that gay sex can be safer, yet erotic. A year later, Volume 2 was released also featuring Mark, and (interestingly) Dean Spencer!

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These were later repackaged and retitled ‘BETTER SAFE SEX’ and ‘EVEN BETTER SAFE SEX.’ Whilst a dancer/stripper, his manager urged him to contact Kristen Bjorn, which he did. Mark made three movies for KB – the other two being A WORLD OF MEN and THE ISLE OF MEN. Both, like Anchor, are in the ‘must see’ category.

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