An Italian Charmer From Rome

This guy totally uninhibited in front of the camera, I dubbed his cock ‘a baby’s arm, holding an apple. Retro Porn Star – Georgio Canali aka Rocco-Rizzoli, is a male pornographic actor porn star from Italy who appeared in gay pornographic movies and gay pornographic magazines from 1981 to 1985 (Advocate Men Dec 1984, April 2003; Men of Advocate Men Apr/May 1986, Nov 1986, Nov 1988, Nov 1988; Mandate May 1982, April 1983; Inches July 1985; Men of Men/Male Pictorial Apr/May 1986, Jul 1989, June 1990; and JOCK Apr 1985)

Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-001 Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-002 Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-003

Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-004 Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-005 Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-007


He has appeared as “Rocco Rizzoli” in film and print work for COLT Studio Group, and as “Giorgio Canali” when working for other studios such as Falcon Studios. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighs about 159 pounds, has brown hair and eyes and an 8.5-inch uncircumcised penis. I saw some pics with him shaved but he is definitely FUCKIN hot with this nice black moustache. Fuck, I would to get that man meat inside of me.


Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-009 Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-011 Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-012

Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-013 Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-014 Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-015

Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-016 Giorgio-Canali-aka-Rocco-Rizzoli-Daddy-Part1-017

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