Daddy’s Throbbing Hard Cock For You

A hard day at the office comes with its rewards at home. COLT Man Nate Kartlon wastes no time getting out his suit and tie and taking some time to unwind after a hard day. And the office isn’t the only place where hard work pays off. As the clothes come off, the muscles emerge and you will see that Nate Karlton takes his work in the gym just as seriously, and the rewards are definitely worthwhile. A sensuous strip tease will take you to the edge and over. Finally, we get to the matter at hand. Nate’s throbbing hard cock has been waiting all day to be set free. With a devious smile Nate invites you to share a very special part of his day.


ColtMan-Studio-Model-Nate-Karlton-MinuteMan-001 ColtMan-Studio-Model-Nate-Karlton-MinuteMan-002 ColtMan-Studio-Model-Nate-Karlton-MinuteMan-003

ColtMan-Studio-Model-Nate-Karlton-MinuteMan-006 ColtMan-Studio-Model-Nate-Karlton-MinuteMan-008 ColtMan-Studio-Model-Nate-Karlton-MinuteMan-005


ColtMan-Studio-Model-Nate-Karlton-MinuteMan-009 ColtMan-Studio-Model-Nate-Karlton-MinuteMan-010

ColtMan-Studio-Model-Nate-Karlton-MinuteMan-011 ColtMan-Studio-Model-Nate-Karlton-MinuteMan-012

ColtMan-Studio-Model-Nate-Karlton-MinuteMan-013 ColtMan-Studio-Model-Nate-Karlton-MinuteMan-014

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