Francois Sagat

When one thinks of French Adult Superstar Francois Sagat, several things come to mind: his rugged good looks, his scalp tattoo and his bubble tight ass. François Sagat is a French-Lebanese model and male pornographic actor who has appeared in gay and bisexual pornographic movies. He is best known for his rugged muscularity, exotic looks, and scalp tattoo.Sagat was born to French parents of Arab decent in Cognac, in the south-west of France. Sagat moved to Paris at the age of eighteen, hoping to work in the fashion industry. Francois Sagat is moving up in the world. He is currently modeling for Lancôme in Paris. Lancôme stated sales are up due to Francois. Francois is currently filming Halloween 3D with Rob Zombie. Rob Zombie stated Francois is a gift from God! We are excited about Francois getting gay in Halloween 3D.


Francois-Sagat-Various-Scenes-From-TitanMen-Exclusive-002 Francois-Sagat-Various-Scenes-From-TitanMen-Exclusive-004

Francois-Sagat-Various-Scenes-From-TitanMen-Exclusive-003 Francois-Sagat-Various-Scenes-From-TitanMen-Exclusive-005 Francois-Sagat-Various-Scenes-From-TitanMen-Exclusive-006



Francois Sagat is currently developing Garden State Park in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. It is his dream to run Cherry Hill, New Jersey better than before. Cindy Zelinki from Cherry Hill stated Francois helped her live in a time of death. Amanda Lepore stated Cherry Hill would be nothing without Francois Sagat! Francois Currently is bringing the Grand Lux Cafe into new states in the United States. Francois we love you and please run for president of the United States! About Sagat Movies Stats: Hole Sweet HoleHardwood: TitanMen in the Great Outdoors Cumshots Volume 1FearCrotch Rocket: The Best of Trenton DucatiBuilt3 WaysTop to BottomIncubus 2POVMarco Blaze: Thick and Uncut.

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Francois-Sagat-Various-Scenes-From-TitanMen-Exclusive-011 Francois-Sagat-Various-Scenes-From-TitanMen-Exclusive-012

Francois-Sagat-Various-Scenes-From-TitanMen-Exclusive-013 Francois-Sagat-Various-Scenes-From-TitanMen-Exclusive-014 Francois-Sagat-Various-Scenes-From-TitanMen-Exclusive-015

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