Nicco Sky

Nicco Sky is absolutely adorable. With a small but perfect frame he turns heads everywhere he goes. When he flashes that smile at you there is no way you can resist getting an instant boner. His deep brown eyes can lock onto you like a tractor beam, not letting you go until you know he’s good and ready. His tight pecs and washboard abs are perfectly framed by a beautiful set of well built hunk body.


Nicco-Sky-RandyBlue-Handsome-Gay-Porn-003 Nicco-Sky-RandyBlue-Handsome-Gay-Porn-004 Nicco-Sky-RandyBlue-Handsome-Gay-Porn-005

Nicco-Sky-RandyBlue-Handsome-Gay-Porn-006 Nicco-Sky-RandyBlue-Handsome-Gay-Porn-007 Nicco-Sky-RandyBlue-Handsome-Gay-Porn-008

I’m bringing y’all another 1 of my favorite Randy Blue boys Nicco Sky! In this post I’m going to be bringing you snips from Nicco’s career with Randy Blue. Also show you how he went from shy and reserved. First appearance Nicco made was as Fresh Meat on RandyBlue live May 26th 2009 and the guys just ate him up! Loving every inch of him, his smoldering eyes, full sensual lips, his luscious ass with a tight hole, and his thick massive cock!


Nicco-Sky-RandyBlue-Handsome-Gay-Porn-010 Nicco-Sky-RandyBlue-Handsome-Gay-Porn-011 Nicco-Sky-RandyBlue-Handsome-Gay-Porn-012

I was present for that historical live show where I witnessed the birth of a legend. When the show started you could tell Nicco was a little shy and nervous but as soon as he got into stroking his cock all that melted away and the primal beast within came out! Nicco has performed in 22 scenes and 5 live shows. In the most historic live show Nicco was topped by Reese Rideout in the first EVER hardcore live show on Randy Blue.


Nicco-Sky-RandyBlue-Handsome-Gay-Porn-014 Nicco-Sky-RandyBlue-Handsome-Gay-Porn-015

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