Steven Dehler

The blonde hair, blue eyed Steven Dehler is never afraid to express himself. You can find the California-native most nights dancing at one of West Hollywood’s most popular spots, The Abbey, or hanging out with his group of friends, wearing custom designed apparel. On Instagram and Twitter, Dehler is vocal about his opinions and is not afraid to show off a body that, besides the occasional pizza cheat, he works hard to maintain.


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Steven Dehler started working as a server in small bar in West Hollywood a little over a year ago and he didn’t enjoy it very much. From that he also got a job as bottle service at club Eleven, for a few years on and off in between going to school and he was ready for something different. One night at one of the clubs I entered a hot body contest and ended up winning. One of the Go-Go boy bookers saw him and asked him if he’d like to dance. It was something he never really considered doing, but he decided to give it a try.



Steven-Dehler-Underwear-Model-Gogo-Dancer-Hottest-016 Steven-Dehler-Underwear-Model-Gogo-Dancer-Hottest-017 Steven-Dehler-Underwear-Model-Gogo-Dancer-Hottest-018


Eventually Steven danced practically everywhere in West Hollywood and he’s really enjoyed it. He now only dance at The Abbey so if you’re out visiting in West Hollywood you’ll most likely find this hot guy there.

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