Hot Scene from “I Want You”

A good white wine is enough to give D.O. and Christopher Daniels license to get drunk on lust. A few sips of the juice leads to heavy man kisses followed quickly with Christopher removing the pants of D.O. so he can suck his enormous cock. With his swarthy good looks, chiseled torso and sturdy erection, D.O. is a paragon of male beauty inspiring his fair-haired lover to feed greedily. Wanting to amp up the excitement, D.O. reaches over to play with Christopher’s ass, slapping the firm cheeks and probing the sensitive hole. Christopher then climbs atop the table and hunkers down, his ass exposed and twitching for D.O. to prime with tongue jabs and finger pokes.

DO-Reaches-Over-To-Play-Christophers-Ass-002 DO-Reaches-Over-To-Play-Christophers-Ass-003 DO-Reaches-Over-To-Play-Christophers-Ass-004


DO-Reaches-Over-To-Play-Christophers-Ass-006 DO-Reaches-Over-To-Play-Christophers-Ass-007

DO-Reaches-Over-To-Play-Christophers-Ass-008 DO-Reaches-Over-To-Play-Christophers-Ass-009 DO-Reaches-Over-To-Play-Christophers-Ass-010


Starring with D.O. and Christopher Daniels

D.O. pours wine down through his partner’s butt cheeks and drinks the liquid up as it courses pass the hole. Soon the men are fucking, first with Christopher on top riding D.O.’s big boner, then missionary style with the moaning blond’s legs spread far apart and his toes clenched tight until one after the other they both shoot their loads.

DO-Reaches-Over-To-Play-Christophers-Ass-012 DO-Reaches-Over-To-Play-Christophers-Ass-013

DO-Reaches-Over-To-Play-Christophers-Ass-014 DO-Reaches-Over-To-Play-Christophers-Ass-015

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