Guy Sterling Part 1

Legendary photographer Ron Lloyd presents uberhandsome Guy Sterling exclusively at LegendMen.Com. One of The hottest guy I’ve ever seen!!! He’s exceedingly handsome! Nice! He’s boyfriend material and what a super massive cock he has, sexy body too……love him. A guy to inspect and explore, gorgeous! I’m really into him, I have beens searching for the man like this like a whore. What a hot hunk, i wish he culd fuck me. I love his muscled arms, he must be great fucker.


Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-002 Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-003 Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-004

Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-005 Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-012

Guy Sterling is a beautiful muscular guy a nude bodybuilder with a totally ripped body and a dusting of body hair. His rippling pecs, pert nipples, massive thighs and tight smooth ass are a treat.


Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-013 Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-014 Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-010

Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-017 Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-008

And thanks for this promo pics from LengendMen.Com SO MUCH for finally posting a full-frontal portfolio of this guy! He was on Sexy Men Directory a couple of years ago, but there was no way to get the shots showing his cock without subscribing. I’ve been wanting to see the full goods on him for so long. …Love the muscle guys from LegendMen. They’re all super hot muscle dudes.

Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-007 Guy-Sterling-Exclusively-LegendMen-Handsome-Hung-009


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