Sean Lawrence

Incredibly hunky masseur Sean Lawrence, I think he is the most handsome hairy guy for this new age. We have seen from him from Menatplay which his sexiness in jerk off solo in the suit theme. We can not deny of his hairy perfect body and beautiful big cock me us really want him so much….. Today I want to present a picture of him from a colt studio Now he’s returning in COLT‘s MEN of SUMMER series with even hotter video! It’s the same series that brought us incredibly perfect Buck Santiago. Sean is nearly as hot as Buck, but in an opposite way. He’s older, more buffed and unlike Buck, he doesn’t know razor – he’s a hairy beast!

Sean-Lawrence-Hunk-Masseur-Colt-Studio-Hairy-Beast-001 Sean-Lawrence-Hunk-Masseur-Colt-Studio-Hairy-Beast-002 Sean-Lawrence-Hunk-Masseur-Colt-Studio-Hairy-Beast-003

Sean-Lawrence-Hunk-Masseur-Colt-Studio-Hairy-Beast-004 Sean-Lawrence-Hunk-Masseur-Colt-Studio-Hairy-Beast-005 Sean-Lawrence-Hunk-Masseur-Colt-Studio-Hairy-Beast-006


Sean-Lawrence-Hunk-Masseur-Colt-Studio-Hairy-Beast-008 Sean-Lawrence-Hunk-Masseur-Colt-Studio-Hairy-Beast-011 Sean-Lawrence-Hunk-Masseur-Colt-Studio-Hairy-Beast-012



Sean-Lawrence-Hunk-Masseur-Colt-Studio-Hairy-Beast-014 Sean-Lawrence-Hunk-Masseur-Colt-Studio-Hairy-Beast-015

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